Shopping for Breakdown Cover

There are many things to consider when you are shopping for breakdown coverage for you or your vehicle. First is who or what should be covered, second, how much coverage is needed, and third your location or the location of the driving  you will be doing.

Who or What

Who or what might sound like a crazy category for any sort of insurance coverage, but here is the core of the matter: you can associate your breakdown insurance with the person who will be doing the driving, or you can associate it with the vehicle that will be driven. Each approach has advantages, and neither are wrong. If you choose to select breakdown coverage that is associated with you, then any vehicle you operate will be covered by your breakdown insurance. There might be some exceptions if your personal policy does not cover business vehicles. If you associate the policy with the vehicle, then anyone driving it will be covered, and the vehicle will be covered as well, even if its operation was not authorized.

How Much Coverage

Like many types of insurance, breakdown coverage comes in various levels. Each level has properties that might or might not be useful for you. You can save a great deal of money over time by only selecting coverage that you need at the time and by avoiding automatic renewals. For example, if at the end of Year One you take a thirty-day vacation in Europe, you took out International breakdown coverage, that would drive up the price of your breakdown policy for that month. If your policy automatically renews when you return, that cost will be added to the next month’s fees. However, if you do not have auto-renewal, you will examine your policy, remove the international level and your cost will go back down. It is important to select coverage for all the situations that affect you, but you do not want to pay for coverage you do not need.

Location of Operation

You can get breakdown cover for your bike for a small an amount of area as ¼ mile from your home or for an area that encompasses all of Great Britain and a good part of Europe. The interesting thing is that these areas would seem to overlap. They sort of do and they sort of don’t. For example, the cover that applies to ¼ mile from your home is called “At Home” insurance, and unless you select it that area is not covered by the next level, which is “Domestic and Social.” Neither of these two categories cover Commuting even thought that is a common use of vehicles, nor does “At Home” roll into the business category of coverage. So, you see, where you are operating your vehicle and for what purpose is going to make a huge difference in the policy that you need.

Check Your Other Insurance

If you already have a liability (sometimes called uninsured motorist), collision or full coverage insurance policy, then it is likely that you might find at least some sort of roadside assistance rolled into your coverage. It is likely to be limited, however, so read your  policy carefully.

Breakdown Cover for You

Most agents are very glad to work with you to develop the kind of policy that you really need to provide for your style of driving. Their goals are not only to sell you insurance, but to help you select the insurance you need. Your satisfaction will increase the likelihood that you will be back year after year to purchase insurance of all sorts through their company.